Product Architect

Laurel is an award-winning product designer specializing in mission critical highly performant user interfaces. With an emphasis on data-driven innovation and research, her work can be found in places as varied as the FAA, major connectivity providers, theatres, offices, and transit infrastructure. As co-founder of CyCore Systems, an open-source R&D shop specializing in novel multisystem solutions, she's also expert in building and leading diverse and decentralized teams.

Much of her artistic practice is also tech-focused: including using tech to extend and enhance art, creating new and accessible tooling and infrastructure for artists, and innovating new platforms and new ways to imagine, create, and present art. This transdisciplinary practice draws on a range of artistic and engineering disciplines, commonly including hardware, software, choreography, sculpture, and design.

Laurel's approach to product design and technical execution is grounded in usability and accessibility. Drawing on her own lived experience and diverse research networks, she creates products and experiences which exemplify equitable access. As part of Kinetic Light, where in addition to artistic collaboration and production design she leads tech & access innovation, she has created ground-breaking products like Audimance and the curriculum of ALLways, a holistic approach to accessibility founded on the principles of equity and hospitality.

Laurel: a woman with pale skin and auburn hair cut in a close pixie, wearing a subtly striped moss-green button up, sleeves rolled up and top undone, and lip gloss. She looks directly at you.